SILVER Metal Cap Gun Made in Spain

This high quality cap gun is made from Die Cast Metal.  This cap gun pistol fires 12 shot ring caps.  It is a European made cap gun, and because of the high quality it fires every shot with a bang and a puff.  The handle is translucent brown plastic. This silver cap gun is ten and one half inches in length. Made in Spain.  You can fire twelve consecutive shots before the gun need to be reloaded.

After World War II the public became fascinated with cowboys.  Movies, radio and films revolved around the American Cowboy.  John Wayne made the western genre of film the very popular.  His gun slinging swag was idolized and helped made cap guns a popular toy.  This cap gun resembles the 45 Smoker made by Product Eng. Co.

Metal cap gun Silver 12 shot Cap Gun
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns