Italian Cap Gun Pistol with Holster

We started this business in 2004, and this cowboy set is one of our original and most popular products. Interest in toy guns has grown in the past few years as baby boomers share memories of what they played with their little ones. This Silver Cap Gun with Embossed Western Holster and Belt Cap Gun is made in Spain.

The 12-shot die cast metal cap gun is very sturdy, and you can expect your children to pass this gun on to their little ones if they don’t lose it. The holster is made of hard think rigid plastic. It is embossed with the design of a stallion and other western images and comes with a belt that has a steer head on the buckle.  This is a traditional western looking cowboy cap gun set. This high quality set is perfect for your Halloween costume or little buckaroo.

Die Cast Metal Cap Gun Pistol
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns