Die Cast Solid Metal Cap Gun Pistol

Italian Made Cap Gun Pistol

We have been selling cap guns since 2004 and this is our favorite toy.

The barrel, trigger and revolver are made of solid metal.  The handle is a sturdy resin brown plastic that is made to look like wood.  The finish on this cap gun in antiqued pewter and the handle is a solid resign that looks like antiqued wood.

The gun is big just like a real gun with an overall length if 11 inches.  The weight of the gun is about 10 ounces so it has some heft to it.  Caps for the gun are 12 shot ring caps.  The hammer on this cap gun hits hard and fires every cap.

This is an Italian made toy.  The quality of the gun is very good.  It is rock solid, not cheap plastic like some toy guns made in the Pacific Rim.  We hope you will enjoy this toy as much as we do.  We guarantee it will satisfy your shooting needs.


Italian Made Cap Gun
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns