Denix Replica Pistol Peacemaker Frontier Six-Shooter 1186G

Replica Non-Firing
Army Pistol - This Denix fires caps

Metal with Pewter Finish and Solid Wood Handles

The Single-Action Army Revolver was produced in several forms and many calibers from 1872 to 1940, with production totaling about 350,000 pieces. As its introduction coincided with the settlement of the Wild West, the names Peacemaker and Frontier Six-Shooter were popularized. Used by legends like Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickock, Pat Garret and Bat Masterson it was also the weapon of choice for settlers in the West during the late 19th century.

These fast draw pistols are the most popular replica gun. The M1873 fast draw replica pistol has realistic action that works just like the original. With this classic military collectible, you can 'Cock it and pull it' - just like they did in the old days. This model gun has a 4.75" barrel and a nickel finish. 

  • This non-firing version has a functional lock mechanism, with a revolving cylinder and working ejector system.
  • Ten and one half inches total length 
  • Hammer cocks and pulled trigger resets. 
  • See detailed pictures of how bullets load
Denix Peacemaker
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns