12 Shot Ring Caps (48 Packages)

Caps for 12 shot Cap Guns

144 shots per package - 48 Packages

CapGunStore buys caps for cap guns from the premier cap manufacturer.  Our caps are manufactured in Italy, and contain the full legal amount of all the best ingredients to make each caps sound and smoke at the optimum level.

In July 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, part of the United States government, banned toy caps producing peak sound levels at or above 138 decibels.  Caps you may expect to bang and smoke now pop at a lower sound level than in the heyday of the cap gun era (1950's).  Nonetheless, outdoor back yard play with cap guns is still fun and satisfying.  The purpose of this law is to protect children’s hearing, which is a good thing, especially since kids are damaging their ears with their ear buds and electronic devices.

Our 12 shot ring caps meet this new sound requirement, plus they are made with care so that every shot fires the same way every time. 

If you need these caps for your cap guns in bulk, we can ship a box of 48 packages right to your doorstep, with the price advantage of bulk buying.

Caps for 12 shot cap guns
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